Fat Loss

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Eat after every 3 hours.

Instead of fruit juices eat complete fruits.

Eat vegetables growing above ground every three hours.

Take cinnamon everyday at-least 2 to 3 times.

Take pepper whenever possible

Drink enough water.

Nip and tuck vegetables whole day like cucumber, cabbage, tomatoes.

Eat grains only if you have exercise or done some physical labour.

Eat only whole grains

Eat slowly

Exercise every day.

Advantages of Losing Weight

Get joy out of shopping for clothes.
Be happier when looking in the mirror.
Get more compliments.
Be in better health.
Look better.
Be more attractive to others.
Be able to wear a smaller size.
Be able to wear more stylish clothes.
Feel better physically.
Like self more.
Won’t feel so self-conscious.
Feel more in control.
Feel as if you’ve accomplished something important.
Have more confidence.
Increase my self-esteem.
Have more energy.
Be more physically fit.
Get more compliments.
Be in better health.
Be able to exercise without discomfort or embrassment.
Live longer.
Enjoy sexual intimacy more.
Be less self critical.
Feel more outgoing.
Won’t mind eating in front of others.
Won’t have anyone bugging about your weight.
Do more things (like go to the beach).
Won’t have to listen to family comment about what you’re eating.
Be able to be more assertive.